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Mar 11, 2016 | Ramblings, Reviews

Easy automatic updates for your premium WordPress themes and plugins.

Recently I have spent more time looking into WordPress plugin development. Aside from the actual development of the plugins I have been curious in the distribution of plugins. Now, as all WordPress developers know, there is the WordPress Plugin Repository. This is a great place to distribute your plugins because you have the integrated exposure and easy installation. Distribution via the plugin repo isn’t a must though. Many plugins are privately distributed. Some, for ease and others because they are premium plugins that require a license (we will leave that for another post).

In my search for distribution options one of the biggest questions I had was “how do updates work?”. I did some digging and found Kernl. Kernl grabbed my attention instantly, it seemed so simple. I simply add a few lines of code to my plugin, upload into my Kernl dashboard and away I go. Every time I update my plugin I simply upload to Kernl with the new version number and then any installation of my plugin is alerted of an update.

I will be going into the features that Kernl offers in more detail in future posts but here is an outline:

  • Quick installation
  • Seamless appearance for users
  • Continuous Integration via BitBucket and GitHub
  • Purchase Code Validation

The pricing structure that Kernl employs is simple. There are 3 packages. Well, 4 really. The 3 packages are as follows:

Solo – $5/month
5 Plugins/Themes
Free 15 day trial
Purchase code validation
Continuous integration with BitBucket & GitHub
Fully secured with HTTPS
Support via Email

Agency – $15/month
20 Plugins/Themes

Enterprise – $25/month
50 Plugins/Themes

Now, there is a 4th package. This is the Free for Open Source package. It really is that simple, if your source code is on BitBucket or GitHub then Kernl hosts your plugin free of charge. Great!

The support that Jack, the founder and developer of Kernl, offers is second to none. All bugs and feature requests are tracked on the Kernl BitBucket page and he offers email support. I have spoken with Jack a few times via email and have always had a great experience.

I’d like to end this post by saying thanks to Jack. He has built a great, affordable tool which I hope he grows further.

That is all for today, I will be posting about Purchase Code Validation soon and how I integrated this with WooCommerce.


** Please Note: I have not been paid nor received any incentive for this post. I simply use the Kernl service and wanted to post about it.